Feb. 2014: Collaboration with Osamu Nureki and Hiroshi Nishimasu at University of Tokyo reveals crystal structure of Cas9 in complex with guide RNA and target DNA.


Dec. 2013: New Genome-scale CRISPR Knock-out (GeCKO) functional genomics screening study in Shalem* and Sanjana* et al., Science, 2013 and companion website.


July 2013: Based on the specificity analysis performed in Hsu et al., Nature Biotechnology 2013, we have released the CRISPR Design Tool. This tool allows users to search for high specificity SpCas9 target sites within DNA sequences of interest.


Apr. 2012: Have a question or need help with trouble shooting? Please visit our newly updated FAQs and Trouble Shooting Tips page. 


Feb. 2013: For highest efficiency in genome targeting applications, please use our new chimeric RNA design with longer tracrRNA hybrid. In the earlier paper we used a shorter chimeric RNA design that is not optimal, now the new longer chimeric RNA design is most effective (better than crRNA:tracrRNA pair)This is verified by other published CRISPR paper as well.


Jan. 2013: Please feel free to post your questions to our CRISPR Discussion Forum.



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